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Author:  Glory [ Sun May 20, 2007 11:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Hmm..

I don't know how to say this.. but I think we should just stick to our OWN made build.. the one we understand the best.. and most importantly the one we had the most fun with.. we might not be having fun with it lately but if u ask me I have less fun playing the builds made by other people.. some of them only aimed at winning a GvG. I mean wtf.. what is the point of GvGing anyway? to win all the time? I don't come on GW to win a GvG.. I come on to have fun watching how fast their lord dies and to watch monks try to protect themselves from touchers, not to have to listen to someone call a target and get so agitated if the guy somehow doesn't die if he was supposed to.. At least with the touchers there was more room for error than the other builds.. yes some people always love to say that if u don't play it right u will lose the game.. yes that is right but think about it aren't all builds like that? we made one that we had fun with and that we found easy to learn and get good with. Just because we lost so many games with it doesn't mean that we should just drop the only build we made ourselves and go for some other builds that were made for, among other things, winning.. Have u guys ever had the feeling of winning but somehow not having fun winning? I can win 30 times and be rank 300 but if it wasn't fun playing GW the whole way I really don't see why I should even come anymore. Remember whining about not being able to win with this build isn't going to help.. we've proved ourselves that this build CAN work and that WE can play it. All those other builds that we tried we don't even know if it is right for our playstyle. And btw.. if u really don't want to lose and only complain about how bad we played in the game we lost.. plz be my guest play something else because I don't really see how you can have fun in GW that way. Either come and have fun or play something else.. we aren't going for ranking, as u saw numerous times we screwed ourselves just because we tried too hard..

o and another point.. if u really really want to play one of those balanced or spike builds.. maybe we should really get orgranized and set a time everyday where 8 of the same people always come on for GvG.. but it will really ruin the game for the others who also want to try

I always try to give everybody a chance, given they meet the conditions almost completely, I try to not reject anyone the chance to GvG just because "they aren't a part of the GvG team" and as such u can really forget all those other balanced or whatever builds that demand more concentration and cooperation

I really don't think Cathi and Aidan would come every night and help us so much in GvG if they knew that their guild would lose rating.. it's because they can't GvG themselves and most probably the only reason why they come on at night sometimes is just to have fun with us.. it also fits their stringent GvGing style.. they have a fixed team, they have fixed times and yes they want to improve their rank, but don't forget all of them have all skills, can play anything and are on almost at the same time at night. It is easier for them to use a more advanced build and get good at it than it is for us. I'm not saying that their style is bad.. i'm just pointing out that we would have to reject GvG to all those who don't have all skills unlocked, who can't come on the same time every night, and who aren't experienced playing most professions. More than half the guild is still under 20 and I don't think that they want to dedicate their free time to GW only.. like Kronos always says when some new update comes out "Guild Wars is becoming more like WoW" u guys are going down that same road right now if u ask me

Author:  Broly [ Mon May 21, 2007 1:03 pm ]
Post subject: 

:roll: Don’t sweat it dudes :-D

Brainstorming was in progress... home made builds r the best :D ...true, our toucher gank is 100% our build .

But it is also true that we have to have at least few builds so we can be less predictable as a guild, and adapt faster.
It is more than obvious that we ownd... a lot... Maybe even 2 much and 2 easy some Hi ranked guilds. And we r becoming predictable… people r becoming paranoid and scared about the gank.. or often we face a gank that has a freaking monk in their build.

A concept has been made, the key is in the RT to crush the opposing supports (Warmongers weapon). We tested time to clear the base and kill the lord it is around 10 sec longer than toucher gank… but the build is more flexible and it can counter the opposing party gank, and be implemented in the main team as a support, and an offensive force a lot better.

The battle might have been lost .. BUT THE WAR IS NOT OVER !!! This is GUILD WARS!!!

We shall own once more, have fun doing it. OR DIE TRYING!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Author:  Kronos [ Mon May 21, 2007 2:22 pm ]
Post subject: 

huh ok... i managed to read the whole post... i didnt quite get the point of half of it but ok...

Glory relax, it will all be alright :smt056 toucher gank isnt dead, we arent becoming obsessed with winning... we dont hate you (too much :-D ) so just take some prozac and chill :D

Now... yes, toucher gank was funn, and i dont know about you, but im a bit bored with it, and i want to try many diferent gvg builds... and as broly said we are currently working on a bit diferent gank build, so dont be scared of new stuff, it wont bite you (hard :-D )

:roll: :roll: :roll:

Author:  sans [ Mon May 21, 2007 9:42 pm ]
Post subject: 

the build that we had tested today is pretty balanced if you ask me only we need to gain experience to handle the build.

Author:  Broly [ Tue May 22, 2007 8:11 am ]
Post subject: 

Yeah... we had total control... the gank crushed their intercept teams 3 times (although they were total noobs.. i did not notice a monk... or he died 2 fast? xD )

More important we FINNALY defeated those damn ranked 1000+ guilds. :twisted:
I think main team had it a lot easier with the main team modifications, with extra condition and hex removal/transfer.

Good start seems promising... we need to fight better guilds with this to see where we stand for real though...

Now its just practice, practice, practice... 8) gg

Author:  Pasi [ Tue May 22, 2007 4:22 pm ]
Post subject: 

i had a lot off fun playing toucher with glory and zyrass... beating those r 400 guilds and stuff ...

but i am also excited to play some other builds ...
i would even have fun if we go gvg with 8 monks ... ^^

Author:  Zyrass [ Tue May 22, 2007 5:06 pm ]
Post subject: 

well glory i can understand your worry but i just say relax dude :-D
toucher gank is our thing and i kno you want to stick with it but i really like to try different stuff like the build we tested yesterday wich worked 8)

touchers are the best to kill lord and are hard to counter but the only disadvantage is that they are touchers :razz:
they can't counter enemy gankers very good and if a monk get's back while we are in base we often just run cuz we can't kill the monk :?

so my point is touchers are still good but our new gank build is more balanced it can counter gankers,support main team and kill enemy healers

just give it a chance :D

8) Zyrass 8)

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